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Soundproofing is more important than it seems

Soundproofing is more important than it seems

Soundproofing is more important than it seems. Noise is one of the problems that affect us the most in our daily lives, hence the importance of having good soundproofing of ceilings in Madrid. For both businesses and homes, having good insulation can influence your quality of life. Excessive noise can have negative consequences for your health, such as stress or anxiety. Even noise can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Citizens do not endure the same level of noise in all areas of the city. Some areas will be more affected by high traffic density or a busy nightlife. For this reason, in certain areas, the acoustic insulation of ceilings in Madrid becomes more important than in others. In some streets of the center, with a wide range of leisure activities, the neighbors bear a noise level of up to 70 decibels. The high level of noise at night needless to say that affects the rest of the neighbors, causing numerous problems of insomnia.

Soundproofing is more important than it seems

Industrial activity is another major source of noise today. Many workers are exposed to high levels of noise throughout the day. This exposure to loud sounds can also have serious health consequences for these workers, such as hyper-irritability or disorders of the nervous and digestive systems. If the noise level is excessively loud, these workers may lose their hearing over the years. The European Union has been making efforts to alleviate this situation, including the enclosure of noise-intensive equipment.

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