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¿Qué tipo de techo desmontable es el mejor para mi negocio?

What kind of removable roof is best for my business?

What kind of removable roof is best for my business? If you have a store or office and are thinking of giving it a makeover, it is important to think about the type of ceiling that is best for you. Think about the removable ceilings in Madrid is, without a doubt, the best option for its great utility and versatility. Its main advantage is that it allows access to the wiring and ducts that are located above the roof, which saves time when making any revision or installation.

In any case, it is important to know what options of detachable ceilings in Madrid, we can find to try to find the one that best suits the office or the premises.

We found the drop ceilings, which are formed by a metal structure that is installed about 15 cm from the original ceiling. It is the ideal option if you want to hide the electrical installations or air conditioning systems, for example. They are easy to install and are also very aesthetic. Within this category, it is possible to choose between different materials for the ceiling: plasterboard, mineral fiber, plaster and fiberglass, fiberglass plate, and metal plates.


Another option is continuous ceilings, which are characterized by being made of many of the materials we have mentioned above. They are also placed 15 cm from the original ceiling. In this case, they can be formed by materials such as basic plaster, gypsum plates, cardboard plates, and so on, fireproof plates or specific plates for areas of humidity.

At Durplei We will assess your office or premises and advise you on the removable roof that best suits the conditions of the space. Since 2004 we have specialized in the installation of any type of construction system such as detachable ceilings. We have a large team of highly qualified professionals.