Calle Laguna del Marquesado, 36G 28021 Madrid


Calle Laguna del Marquesado, 36G 28021 Madrid


Stretch ceilings in Madrid

If you are interested in the installation of stretch fabric ceilings in Madrid and you are looking for a company that has qualified personnel for its assembly, then your choice is Durplei. Since we are a company with extensive experience in the field of construction systems.

Likewise, we make sure that all your needs are met through a personalized service and a close relationship. In addition, we use the most advanced models and ways of working to offer you a quality work when it comes to removable roofs in Madrid.

Our good work is backed by the completion of major projects. Such as the office building in Isabel Coulbrand in Las Tablas, the rehabilitation of offices in Rosario Pino street or the Viding Alcántara Gymnasium.

Stretch ceilings experts in Madrid

A stretch fabric ceiling in Madrid is a simple, innovative and very aesthetic solution with which to decorate interiors. Some of its main advantages are that they prevent dirt and are durable. In addition, you can install fabrics of the color you like.

They are also susceptible to form the geometric figures that best suit your preferences. They do not have joints, as they are continuous and are easily cleaned. In addition, since they are usually made of synthetic material, they do not absorb odors. And if you prefer, they can be used as wall coverings.

Since the ceilings are not opaque, they allow light to pass through, giving the room a feeling of greater spaciousness thanks to the natural lighting.

With all this, you can use these curved metal ceilings in Madrid to place them in virtually any room, whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room or a bedroom.

Finally, if you are interested in our services or have any questions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

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