Calle Laguna del Marquesado, 36G 28021 Madrid


Calle Laguna del Marquesado, 36G 28021 Madrid


Curved metal ceilings in Madrid

If you are building a structure and want to give it an innovative aesthetic and break with tradition then curved metal roofing in Madrid is your option.

From Durplei we encourage you to take the step, as you will give a personalized and differentiating touch to the construction you are doing with respect to the rest.

Our company offers a personalized service to meet all your needs. In addition, we have a team of professional experts in acoustic insulation of ceilings in Madrid that will make the installation in the best possible way. All with the latest methods and models of work that are appearing.

Also, the fact that the roofs are made of metal has the advantage that they are lighter and more resistant, so there will be lower maintenance costs. In addition, the aesthetics they produce is good.

On the other hand, this type of ceilings is usually prefabricated to size in the factory. Once in the installation area, it is only to follow an assembly process that is usually agile. Architects point out that a curved roof has the quality of efficiently evacuating water during rainfall and has good flexibility.

Curved metal ceiling pointers in Madrid

In addition to the curved metal roof in Madrid, another of our specialties are the arched roofs. A type of curved metal roof in the form of a canopy that is usually installed in industrial buildings. They are usually unstructured ceilings or modular arches that are more economical than traditional ones and offer a greater usable space in the room in which they are installed (in addition to freeing us from interior columns).

Thus, if you are interested in carrying out the installation of this type of removable metal ceilings in Madrid or need a different service, our company offers the guarantee of large projects already completed. Such as the Councils of Merida or the Vistamar Project.

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